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In the course of our business, Serco processes personal data. This can be personal data of our staff, customers, service users or our suppliers. In all situations and regions, Serco takes its obligations to process, handle, collect and protect personal information seriously. Looking after personal data

What personal data means to Serco?

As custodians that care for personal data held on behalf of our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and data subjects, Serco has put in place a privacy framework, integrated into our management system and our customer requirements.

We take responsibility for the personal data in our care. We value it. We protect it.

We have data protection policies, standards and processes to strengthen our operating culture, and continuously improve our business in a compliant, ethical and responsible way.

Data Protection Officer

We have a data protection officer who reports directly at the board level. They are responsible for monitoring internal compliance and advising on data protection obligations and working with the data protection leads globally to safeguard best practices across Serco.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team within the established Data Protection Office in the UK, whose purpose is to educate, raise awareness and provide support to the rest of the business.
They namely:
- promote the need to value and protect personal data, handled within the business.;
- deal with information requests;
- investigate data breaches
- undertake assurance reviews of contracts to ensure compliance; and
- deploy various toolkits to support and comply with our data protection requirements.

They also have a dedicated data protection site for employees armed with tips, guidance, good practices, recourses, policies, including past training videos to help our staff to safely deal with personal data.

Data protection champions

We have a network of data protection champions (DPCs) across our business, who are the point of contact for individual contract/function. DPC’s help to coordinate, uphold and deliver our data protection responsibilities. They are given tools, training and support to effectively deliver their roles. In addition, we have business unit leads who support the Data Protection Office and DPCs with specific queries or concerns.

Working with our supply chain

We note the importance of our supply chain to manage personal data. We also conduct due diligence of key suppliers and ensure we have contractual arrangements in place in line with our and our customers’ requirements.

Celebrating Data Protection Day

We celebrate and endorse Data Protection Day in January to mark the importance of looking after personal data and continue to encourage safeguarding of personal data with annual staff training, quarterly DPC training and all further tailored training delivered to our business units.

Monitoring and reviewing compliance

We carry our internal and external audit and assurance review to monitor compliance and regularly test the effectiveness of the measures in place. This includes testing staff knowledge, adherence to data protection and information governance policies and procedures.

We maintain monthly reporting to regularly discuss Key Performance Indicators and the outcomes of monitoring and reviews.

How we handle and protect personal data

For detailed information about how we collect, handle, share and protect personal data when individual’s use our website, services and goods please take a look at our privacy statement.

How we deal with Police or other Agency requests

In our business, we may be required to share personal data with the Police or other Agency (e.g. local authority), for example, for a criminal investigation or threats to public security. Before we share any personal data, we make sure that our processes are followed by those organisations. To find out further details, please see our Privacy Statement.

How we operate globally

Different regions may look after personal data in different ways. In all situations and regions, Serco takes its obligations to protect personal data seriously. To find out how each region looks after personal data please take a look at the privacy policy at the bottom of their respective websites.

Data protection compliance

For further details of our compliance with the data protection laws, click the links below:

Serco Privacy Charter

Serco’s Code of Conduct

How to contact our data protection office


Data Protection Officer
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