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Full Prison Management

Our public sector ethos is to pursue a compassionate, rehabilitative approach to reduce the demand on the custodial system and to successfully integrate those in our care back into the community.

From the secure and safe operation of prisons, court, and escorting services, to managing the reintegration of ex-offenders into society, we work in partnership with agencies, specialists and voluntary organisations to deliver successful and efficient ways of delivering service to the benefit of all.

Our prisons:

We operate five adult prisons in the UK, pursuing a rehabilitative approach to justice with a focus on addressing individual criminogenic needs, all with the key outcome of reducing reoffending, we make offenders less likely to return to the criminal justice system, helping to rebuild lives, reduce demand on governments, and lessen the financial and wider costs of crime to the communities we serve.

HMP Ashfield

HMP Ashfield is a category C adult male facility near Bristol that holds 400 convicted prisoners serving sentences for sexual offences. Serco has been responsible for operating the prison since 2005 and today employs around 200 staff on site. Serco’s primary purpose at HMP Ashfield is to treat prisoners convicted of sexual offences in a safe, decent and healthy environment.

HMP Doncaster

HMP Doncaster is a category B local resettlement prison situated in South Yorkshire and houses a male population of up to 1145 individuals. As a ‘local remand’ institution, the purpose is to work with the prisoners, particularly those serving less than a 12 month sentence, to ensure that they have the support they need for resettlement as well as access to the services and support available to them after release.

HMP Dovegate

HMP Dovegate is a Category B adult male facility near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Serco cares for up to 1060 male adult prisoners over the age of 21 serving a range of sentences. HMP Dovegate runs a Therapeutic Community which is the UK’s only privately owned, purpose built facility providing an environment that changes people’s way of thinking with the shared aim of changing lives for the better. 

HMP Fosse Way

HMP and YOI Fosse Way is a brand-new resettlement prison in Leicester, which will house around 1,700 prisoners who have served most of their sentences and are due for release in the area. The purpose of the prison is to offer support and training in order that the men are prepared for a successful reintegration into society with meaningful and paid employment. 

HMP Thameside

HMP Thameside is a local resettlement prison in the Thamesmead area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, South-East London and is situated next to HMPs Belmarsh.  Thameside is London’s only private prison. A new-build prison, successfully completed in 2012, Serco has run the facility since it opened.  The prison quickly and safely respond to the needs of the custodial population within the heart of London.