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Citizen Services

From contact centres and complex case management to the administration of flagship employment and health programmes to the operation of local waste management and leisure services, we are committed to delivering better government services to citizens.

Delivering better government services to citizens

Serco is relied on to enable and deliver a wide range of government services to citizens around the globe, from the management of government departments and contact centres to the administration of flagship employment and health programmes, from the provision of complex case management, information technology and finance services to the operation of local waste management and leisure services.

We help governments to drive cost-efficiencies and meet the rising expectation for improved public services. We do this by streamlining frontline and back-office processes and using digital technology to facilitate self-service and increase convenience. As expert service integrators, we form effective partnerships with small enterprises to manage local delivery.

Our citizen-centric approach and empowerment of our people enable us to design better services, which are personalised to individual needs and offer a better experience.

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Citizen Services in the UK & Europe

In addition to our other sectors, Serco provides a diverse range of public services to citizens on behalf of Local Authorities and central government, often with long-term partnerships spanning 30 years. These range from the administration of major employment and health programmes, such as Public Health England’s (PHE) health education programme and the Work Programme, to managing major services in partnership with Local Authorities.

We deliver essential support services to local and national governments and European government agencies, including complex case management, contact centres, finance, and ICT services. We also manage sport and leisure facilities and operate waste and environmental services on behalf of local authorities. Some of our key customers include DWP, BEIS, Home Office, Defra, HMRC, Local Authorities, the European Parliament and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

In all areas, we consistently deliver high performing services by investing time in understanding the needs of citizens and engaging them in delivering better outcomes. For our customers, we develop efficiencies to allow money to be freed up for other priorities, we increase satisfaction through improving service user experience, and we upskill the teams who work for us so that all benefit. We apply core and consistent competencies and a set of differentiating capabilities.


  • Employment services: We operate many of the most high-profile services and programmes for citizens in the UK, including the flagship back-to-work scheme ‘Work Programme’, the Apprenticeship Programme, the Public Health England (PHE) health education programme, and complex case management and contact centre services for the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).
  • Environmental services: We provide waste and recycling collection services to 16 separate local authority customers. We are the only environmental services company to be awarded the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ accreditation and look after 160,000 bedding plants, cut 113,000 hectares of grass, sweep 272km of roads, and collect waste from 2.5 million residents per annum, of which 285,000 tonnes are recyclable. We have developed our own best operating practice through our ‘Minimum Miles’ route optimisation technology, reducing our client costs by up to 15% and reducing service carbon emissions by more than 30%, this is one of many other similar initiatives. We also have more than £1bn in service payments linked to customer satisfaction and survey over 15,000 residents, using their feedback to continuously improve the service we provide.
  • Leisure services: We manage over 60 sports and leisure facilities across the UK with over 90,000 people committed to regular exercise through our fitness memberships. We run over 40,000 workout classes a year to help almost 1 million people towards their fitness goals and teach over 30,000 children to swim each week.
  • Contact centres and complex case management: We pioneer technology-led process and service improvements, for example, we integrated voice and non-voice channels resulting in 70% digital service contacts for a central government agency, implemented a self-service solution for Highways handling over 98% applications online, and transitioned 100% of housing benefit claims online for a unitary authority.
  • European Institutions & Agencies: We provide ICT support to all key institutions of the European Union, enabling officials and elected politicians to execute their responsibilities, including the 850 Members of the European Parliament, 4,500 civil servants at the European Council and over 20,000 personnel with the European Commission.
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The value we bring...

Transferable Global Experience

Serco provides citizen services around the world, from the administration of the Affordable Care Act in the US and the Work Programme in the UK to managing government departments, the Australian Tax Office, and running Driver Examination Services in Canada.

Public Service Ethos

Many of our people have joined us from the public sector and a public service ethos runs through our organisation. We manage and select our people to reinforce the values to which we aspire. We invest in training to help them live those values day-to-day. All of our people are trained, motivated, and empowered to make a positive difference beyond meeting the basic requirements of the contract. We work closely with the communities we serve and employ local staff.

Expert and Empowered People

We employ and empower the best digital experts who understand the citizen experience and can provide joined-up thinking to design effective government programmes and public facing services, such as contact centres and complex case management. Our teams are recruited locally and we actively seek to provide work opportunities to young people and the long-term unemployed through apprenticeship schemes.

Ability to Test and Innovate

As public service specialists we are focused on constantly improving the efficiency and quality of our services. We achieve this through the transfer of best practice, the institution of lean management practices, and the introduction of new service innovations. We use data analytics to predict demand and inform better service design. We operate multi-channel contact centres and use digital technology to enable self-service and meet the expectations of the new generation of digitally empowered citizens. We also use robotic technology to cut operational costs and reduce mistakes.

Citizen-centred, Outcome Focused

We apply a citizen-centred approach to the design of our services with the ability to think through and deliver frontline to back-office solutions that deliver better services personalised to individual needs. Good system design also simplifies processes, making it easier for citizens to access services, reducing mistakes and improving efficiency.

Trusted Partnership

We aim to be trusted partners of government, citizens, communities, and the organisations we work with. We demonstrate accountability, bring deep understanding, and form close relationships. Often we integrate seamlessly into government organisations, acting as an extension of them, not just a contractor. We also form close partnerships with small business and NGOs.

Scalable and Customised Solutions

Our scale provides us with the ability to repurpose and mobilise resource at short notice to meet surges in demand, whilst ensuring quality is not compromised.

Full Service Integration

As an effective integrator of services, we coordinate and partner with customers, small enterprise, and local community and voluntary organisations to manage local delivery. We support partnership working by being fully transparent within our contracts and providing real-time performance data.

Strong Governance & Risk Management

Improved corporate standards, organisation-wide training, clear operating procedures, and disciplined management processes help ensure strong governance, risk management, operational excellence, clear accountability, and excellent performance. The Serco Management System defines rules that govern the way we operate. Almost all of our contracts include measureable KPIs by which we track and drive performance.


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