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Our approach to procurement

We aim to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with all those with whom we have a business relationship - our customers, our strategic and joint venture partners and our suppliers.

Our approach to procurement at Serco has four main strands:

  • to make the most of the benefits of competitive supplier selection;

  • to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and resources;

  • to drive sustainability throughout our supply chain;

  • and to develop positive relationships with our suppliers.

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We have a dedicated Procurement and Supply Chain team which is responsible for putting this approach into practice. As part of this, they continue to enhance our systems and processes for choosing and managing our suppliers.


This helps us to maximise the value of our supplier relationships, makes it quicker and cheaper for us to transact with them, and assists with understanding and monitoring areas such as environmental impact before our people make a decision to buy.

Our approach takes regulatory, statutory, ethical and sustainable factors into consideration when making decisions on the purchase of goods and the commissioning of services. Our purchasing decisions should where practicable consider whole life cost and the associated risks and implications for society and the environment.


The relationship between Serco and its suppliers is an important component to achieving high performance in our business. 

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Our Code promotes 'doing the right thing' as well as 'doing things right'.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Serco Supplier Code of Conduct, which supplements our Serco Code of Conduct, applies to all suppliers of Serco, including all of the Serco Suppliers' facilities. It formalises Serco's practices and makes clear that, recognising differences in cultures and legal requirements, we expect that wherever our suppliers are located, producing products for us or delivering services for us, that they are produced and/or provided in a manner compatible with the high standards that contribute to the reputation of Serco.

Sustainable Procurement

Serco is committed to the implementation of best sustainable procurement practice, as we continually look to improve the way that we work with our suppliers.

Our Sustainable Procurement Charter sets out our commitments in social, environmental and governance areas and the primary standards we expect of our supply chain, as well as indicative key performance indicators and wider aspirations.

This Charter brings all our sustainable procurement priorities together to enable an integrated approach and acts as a call to action and an invitation to collaborate for our suppliers on areas of highest impact.

In our Sustainable Procurement Charter, we outline our ambitions and expectations and our intention to engage, collaborate and innovate with our suppliers to maximise our collective environmental, social and economic impact.

Our approach is based on taking whole life cost, risks and regulatory, statutory, ethical and sustainability factors into consideration, when making decisions on the purchase of goods and the commissioning of services.




Serco are a corporate partner of IEMA and an accredited training provider.


Stronger Together is a multi-stakeholder business-led initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery particularly forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third party exploitation of workers. We provide guidance, training, resources and a network for employers, labour providers, workers and their representatives to work together to reduce exploitation.

Serco is signatory to the UK Government’s Prompt Payment Code and to similar codes across all our regions.  We always strive to pay our suppliers on time and we expect the same of our suppliers.


Broadway Initiative convenes the Zero Carbon Business partnership. The partnership brings together a cross section of business organisations, energy networks and environmental support services to help smaller businesses cut carbon more quickly and thrive in the new low carbon economy.


Serco is proud to be a member of Supply Nation – the Australian leader in supplier diversity. Since 2009, Supply Nation has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape today’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector.


Serco is a member of Social Traders. Social Traders unlock business for good by leading the charge for Social Enterprise Procurement. They certify and strengthen Social Enterprises; enable business and government to create positive impact by deeply integrating Social Enterprises into their supply chains and they advocate for government policy to support Social Enterprise Procurement.


Improving the way we work with Suppliers

As part of Serco's commitment to sustainable procurement, we are continually looking to improve the way that we work with our suppliers.


In some of our regions we have introduced an eInvoicing system which means that you can submit your invoices to us electronically. Paperless invoicing has significant benefits for you including:

  • Reducing the time it takes to get your invoices to us

  • Providing immediate confirmation that your invoice has been submitted for processing

  • Enabling you to see the status of your submitted invoices on-line

  • Reducing your carbon footprint by removing paper from the process

Payment queries

Contact Serco's Shared Service Centre Accounts Payable Helpdesk via +44(0)845 337 3166 or by email: [email protected]

Please note, that in the majority of cases, invoices are only paid when a valid purchase order number is supplied with the invoice.

Standard payment terms

Payment Terms are negotiated on individual agreements. Where no agreement is in place we will use our Standard Purchase Order Payment Terms.

Serco's standard Purchase Order payment terms are 30 days from the date the invoice is received by our Shared Service Centre. 

Download the full payment terms and conditions here

Becoming a supplier to Serco

In selecting suppliers, Serco works hard to choose reputable business partners who are committed to ethical standards and business practices compatible with those of Serco.

If you are interested in working with Serco, please register your details using our Supplier portal