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Healthcare in the UK

We have been working with the NHS for over 25 years, providing generalist health support services, from facilities management to acute patient flow.

Delivering a better environment, better value and supporting better care

Delivering better care is a primary focus for every member of our staff. Our proprietary development programme embeds a culture where all our staff are empowered, motivated and clear about their responsibility to have a positive impact on the healthcare environment. Our services contribute to creating a safe and healing environment that supports clinical outcomes.  Whether it is consistently providing a visibly clean hospital, high quality patient dining menus to aid recovery or the way our staff engage with patients, visitors and Trust staff.

We operate in two healthcare areas:

Facilities Management

From patient contact centres to hospital facilities, we deliver a better patient experience at a better value.

Care Coordination

We are working towards one safe, predictable and cooridnated system by transforming new models of care.