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Secure Immigration Detention

Detention centre services focused on the needs of the detainee, delivering the highest standards of care under difficult and challenging circumstances.

Secure Immigration Detention

Serco provides secure detention services on behalf of government immigration departments. We manage facilities and provide services that ensure the safe and caring detention of people awaiting information on their asylum status.

We reduce the cost of delivering immigration services whilst continuing to provide the highest standards of care to each individual detainee. We improve the facilities and services available by introducing new initiatives and technologies.

Serco is entrusted to deliver high profile and secure detention centre facilities to accommodate those that have travelled far in extremely difficult conditions to escape war, torture, or persecution.

Focused on the needs of the individual detainee, we deliver the very best care during an incredibly stressful and challenging period of their life, making their time with us as welcoming, comfortable, and interesting as possible.

Working with a wide range of specialist partners, we deliver the best possible service for our customers and the people using our services. By using technology in creative ways, we seek to improve the experience of the detainees to give them more autonomy and better access to the facilities we provide. We implement proven service delivery processes that reduce costs and assure delivery.

Key Facts

  • We care and offer support for up to 410 detainees each day in Yarl’s Wood, providing access to services and activities to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
  • We have looked after over 200 different nationalities.
  • On average there are at least 15 different languages spoken within the centre.

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