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Placing social value at the heart of our business Our Social Value Promise

At Serco, we serve local and national governments in the UK and Europe by delivering vital public services for the benefit of people and their communities.

Public service, and the social value it generates, is at the heart of our business.

Our social value story is captured in our Social Value Promise. The promise demonstrates our dedication to engaging, understanding, and cultivating a positive economic impact for the communities we serve, building a better future for all.

We keep social value at the heart of our business through the services we offer. We understand how vital it is that we make the additional commitment to engage and understand the communities in which we work.

Our Social Value Promise

Given our size and the variety of our operations, our people deliver social value in many innovative ways, which we encourage and celebrate. Our Social Value Promise brings together the key areas in which we all strive to make a positive difference.

It’s comprised of five themes:

Empowering local communities

Embracing all talents

Celebrating all identities

Wellbeing and care

Uniting for a greener tomorrow

“I am proud to be CEO of a business that not only delivers vital public services for governments and their citizens but does so in a way that generates additional value for society. We deliver a variety of complex services across the UK and Europe, where we employ over 28,000 people in many roles. All of our colleagues, the citizens and communities we serve, provide us with an opportunity to contribute social value that is measurable and meaningful.”

Mark Irwin, Chief Executive, Serco UK&E

Mark Irwin