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Positively impacting people, communities and the environment Social Value at Serco

Public service, and the social value it generates is at the heart of our business. 

At Serco, we serve local and national governments in the UK and Europe, delivering vital public services for the benefit of people and their communities. We are dedicated to engaging, understanding and cultivating a positive economic and social impact for those we serve, building a better and more sustainable future for all.

Making a difference is in our DNA. We have been delivering social value through the services we offer for decades. We understand how vital it is that we work closely in partnership with customers, colleagues, charity partners and our supply chain. Collaborating with them, we co-design people-centred solutions that make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Our in-depth experience of public service delivery, our breadth of services and our global reach mean we are best placed to provide innovative solutions that meet local needs.

We keep social value at the heart of our business through the services we offer and understand how vital it is that we make the additional commitment to engage and understand the communities in which we work."

Frank Spraggs, Head of Social Value, Serco UK&E

Frank Spraggs

Social Value at Serco

Given our size and the variety of our operations, our people deliver social value in many innovative ways, which we encourage and celebrate. Our approach combines Serco’s areas of specialism to help our customers, communities, and colleagues access information and support from across our social value portfolio.

We deliver social value at a local level, with tailored activities designed to benefit and make a difference to the communities in which we operate. This offer is maximised and strengthened by the social value culture embedded into Serco, supported by training, a range of employee-led diversity and inclusion networks, working groups and hubs, as well as the engagement of our colleagues.

Our social value activity works in harmony with the UK Government’s Social Value Model:

Little girl in a school classroom wearing headphones and using a laptop

Social innovation

Finding innovative ways to address social, economic, and environmental issues for the benefit of people and their communities.

Graduate on a laptop in an open plan office

Local skills and jobs

We work tirelessly alongside our government partners to bridge gaps in employability skills and create sustainable employment opportunities which helps boost local employment.

Responsible business

Improving economic prosperity for the local communities we work in.

Healthy, safe, and resilient communities

As a trusted government partner and large employer, we work with our customers to build communities that are resilient, healthy, and safe.

Woodland floor and the base of many mature trees

Environmental action

Alongside our customers and other stakeholders we recognise that environmental sustainability is a critical factor in the wellbeing of society.

Case studies and blogs

Spotlight on women at Serco – Anita’s story

HMP Fosse Way Sustainability and Social Value Manager, Anita Clarke, shares her thoughts on working in a male prison, living with a long-term health condition, and being an ambassador for Serco’s disability network.

Future thinking: age diversity and the future of work

With nearly one third of UK workers over 50, we look at the value of age diversity at work.

Serco gifts £400,000 for care worker apprenticeships

Serco’s levy gift will create training and job opportunities, providing funding for 80 apprenticeships in the care sector.

Book charity hails success of Serco prison pilot

Find out more about Serco’s partnership with UK literacy charity, The Children’s Book Project, and its first prison pilot.

Spotlight on inclusion at Serco – Kamal’s story

Serco employee Kamal Riyani talks about the challenges of starting a new life in the UK and why workplace inclusion is important. 

Why we should be measuring social value

Frank Spraggs, Serco’s Head of Social Value for UK&E, looks at why and how we measure our social value impact.


From army to civvy street - spotlight on Serco ex-forces

Two of our ex-forces colleagues share their experiences of transitioning from the army to civilian work-life as well as Serco’s support for veterans.

Social mobility as an equality factor?

Lulu Hobbs, Social Value and Bidding Knowledge Manager for UK & Europe shares her thoughts on social mobility and tackling socioeconomic inequality.

10 ways to reduce plastic pollution

Rebecca Garner, Head of Environment, Energy and Sustainability shares 10 of Serco’s plastic-reducing initiatives.

Employability mentoring scheme helps students with additional needs

Sometimes going above and beyond can really make a difference. Recently Chris Simm, Serco’s Social Value Lead, masterminded a work experience, mentoring and employability support scheme for students in local education with additional needs. 

Neurodiversity in Women - what is masking?

One feature of ADHD (and Autism) that can affect women more than men is masking. Masking is hiding or camouflaging symptoms, usually in order to make others feel more comfortable, to fit in, or to conceal symptoms that you yourself dislike. 

Serco social value initiatives help children across UK

In Serco Citizen Services there are many opportunities to add social value to what we do, but as it’s not always the main part of the contracts we deliver, what we do to add social value sometimes goes under the radar. 

Environmental, Social and Governance at Serco

The Serco Foundation charitable trust

Serco's IT Team members talking in a meeting room

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