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United Kingdom Serco in Immigration

From border control and detention centres to housing and welfare support, we are committed to helping the UK Government protect borders while sensitively manage those going through the immigration process.

supporting asylum applicants
caring for asylum seekers
nationalities supported

“We focus on the needs of the individual in our care, recognising different cultures and religions, we manage facilities and provide services that ensure the safety and care of people awaiting information on their asylum status.”


Mark Whittaker
Managing Director, UK Justice & Immigration


Mark Whittaker

Our capabilities

Row of red brick, Victorian terraced houses

Asylum accommodation and support services

We have provided housing and support for asylum seekers in the community in the UK since 2012 ensuring safety and respect to some of the most vulnerable people in society while they await news on their immigration status.

Secure Immigration Detention

We operate secure detention services on behalf of government immigration departments. Our facilities and services ensure the safe and caring detention of people awaiting information on their asylum status.

Serco female Detention Custody Officer teaching residents in a classroom at Yarl's Wood

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