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With capabilities right across the immigration cycle, from border control and detention centres to housing and welfare support, we are committed to helping governments protect borders and sensitively manage immigration.

Protecting borders and managing controlled immigration

Serco is a world leading provider of border control and immigration services. Our capabilities span the immigration cycle, from surveillance and border control to the management of detention centres and provision of welfare support in the community.

We help governments meet the challenge of managing immigration by applying intelligence, strengthening border controls, sensitively managing people, working in close partnership with voluntary organisations to deliver housing and welfare support, and delivering efficiencies through the system that reduce cost and enable the swift repatriation or successful integration of migrants into society.

Driven by a strong public sector ethos, all of our immigration specialists are trained in and committed to ensuring the wellbeing, safety, compassion, and respect for the people entrusted to our care.


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Immigration in the UK & Europe

Serco is a leading provider of border control and immigration services in the UK & Europe. The breadth and scope of our delivery is significant. Our services include the management of border controls, the management of detention centres, the provision of housing and welfare support services for asylum applicants, the issuing of identity documents, and repatriation services. We also deliver tracking, border detection, and surveillance services.

We always focus on the individual needs of everyone in our care, but are also able to support the UK Government to develop and implement new solutions to the ever-evolving threat to our national security. The breadth of the services we provide is unique, from replacing sink tap washers for asylum seekers and supporting the returns process. We bring the same level of service management and control to every task that we undertake.


  • In the UK and Europe, we have delivered immigration services since 2007.

  • We operate Yarl’s Wood detention centre, caring for and supporting up to 410 detainees and providing access to services and activities to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Through the Compass contract, we manage over 5,000 properties across the North West of England and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • We have integrated hundreds of landlords into one property portfolio, reducing costs and administration to the Government.

  • We implemented part of the UK’s national security infrastructure in 2007, the first service of its scale and kind in the world, and have since managed the operation 24/7 on behalf of Border Force.

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The value we bring...

Transferable Global Experience

Serco has the broadest base of immigration expertise across the world. This means we can transfer best practice, as well as tap into proven technology solutions and Serco’s specialist cross-sector capabilities in areas such as facilities management and complex case management.  We have an international Justice & Immigration Centre of Excellence dedicated to maximising the benefits of this.

Public Service Ethos

Many of our people have joined us from the public sector and a public service ethos runs through our organisation. We manage and select our people to reinforce the values to which we aspire. We invest in training to help them live those values day-to-day. All of our people are trained, motivated, and empowered to make a positive difference beyond meeting the basic requirements of the contract. We work closely with the communities we serve and employ local staff.

Expert and Empowered People

The scale of our combined immigration operations means we are able to attract the best specialists in the sector. We empower our people to deliver and train them to bring compassion and respect to the people entrusted to our care.

Ability to Test and Innovate

We bring innovation to the management of our services and leverage technology across every aspect of our operations, from surveillance to data analytics.

End-user Centred, Outcome Focused

We understand the vulnerabilities of those in our care, take time to understand their needs, and care for them with sensitivity and compassion. We focus on how we work and our impact on others, not just service inputs.

Trusted Partnership

We operate as an integrated part of the overall border protection and immigration system. We work in partnership with government agencies and voluntary and community organisations to provide welfare support and facilitate the successful integration of migrants into society.

Scalable and Customised Solutions

Our global spread, deep expertise, dynamic culture, and flexible operating model allows us to rapidly scale-up and deliver critical services to a high quality standard. We design, customise, and flex services according to customer need. For example, in our UK Compass contract, we are able to quickly respond to a demand for extra housing following a surge in asylum cases.

Full Service Integration

Our capability to work across the immigration cycle means we are real experts, so we can deliver efficiencies that cut costs and speed up the immigration process, enabling the swift repatriation or successful integration of migrants into society. In turn, this reduces demand on the system.

Strong Governance and Risk Management

Improved corporate standards, organisation-wide training, clear operating procedures, and disciplined management processes help ensure strong governance, risk management, operational excellence, clear accountability, and excellent performance. The Serco Management System defines rules that govern the way we operate. Almost all our contracts include measureable KPIs by which we track and drive performance.

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