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Environmental impact and modal shift

We have experience designing and operating successful cycle hire schemes in large cities like London through to smaller urban locations like Walsall in the West Midlands.

In 2021, Serco operated schemes resulted in 25million km being travelled over 11million journeys, offsetting 70+ tonnes of CO2.

The schemes we operate demonstrate our credentials in helping local authorities generate quick and positive modal shift for their regions. 

Cycle Hire was acknowledged as a major factor for London’s cycling mode share doubling between 2019-2021 (TfL 2021). 

Modal shift

It is widely acknowledged that leisure cycling increased during the pandemic. However, statistics also show that when people began commuting back to work from September 2021 that London Cycle Hire saw its highest usage rates since it began back in 2010.

This demonstrates a positive shift towards regular cycling to work in favour of other transport modes.

In the West Midlands within the first year of launch, 67% of our cycle hire users would previously have used a car for their cycle journey (CoMoUK, 2021).

Environmental impact

Increasing active travel, including cycling, can help tackle some of the most challenging issues we face as a society:

  • improving air quality
  • combatting climate change
  • improving health and wellbeing
  • tackling congestion on our roads

As more and more people turn to cycling and other modes of active travel, we’re experiencing record numbers of hires across our schemes.

This is great news for the health and wellbeing of our communities as well as helping to make our towns and cities less crowded and polluted.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by investing in greener fleets and using renewable energy to power our contracts. 

In 2022, we worked with our partner, TfL, to introduce an e-trike and trailer for their London Cycle Hire to aid the on-street servicing of their cycle hire fleet. 

Case studies

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