Edinburgh Cycle Hire

“A bike for everyone” - Your Bike puts the customer at the heart of our solutions, using intuitive technology creating a simple hire process for all. Your Bike is ready to go big in your city and it’s all backed by a company with a proven track record of delivering customer focused transport services. Your Bike uses high quality, easy on the eye, British-made cycles for public hire – giving you confidence and comfort from a trusted source.

Having successfully delivered one of the largest and highest quality cycle hire transport schemes in London and re won the contract in 2017 we believed that cycle hire is still in its infancy and in the light of free flowing uncontrolled bike share operations being launched in the UK there is an appetite for cycle hire to be developed properly as part of a city integrated transport network. We worked with our partners to develop a new hybrid solution – Urban Sharing from Norway bringing the smart technology on the bike, and Pashley Cycle from the UK with the Prospect bike successfully introduced into London.  As many cities require fixed infrastructure in some locations and none in others our hybrid solution offers fixed docks and virtual docking locations.  The technology is now on the bike not on the dock and a key advantage is in enabling us to know where the bike is at any one time. 

Transport for Edinburgh really liked this new offering and in May 2018 awarded us the contract for introducing and operating the YourBike scheme into Edinburgh with a 7-year contract including e-bikes. With sponsorship from Just Eat and an already healthy cycling culture across the city we are very confident that the scheme will be a success and grow from the initial scheme we have launched during the winter of 2018/19.

ust Eat Cycles hire point

Key facts:

  • The initial three-year concession agreement will deliver 500 cycles as well as 100 electric cycles. Serco and TfE believe that the City can sustain at least 2,000 cycles and the intention is for the scheme to grow incrementally, driven by user demand. It is anticipated that, after an initially successful three years, the scheme will be extended for a further four years.
  • The University of Edinburgh is an active partner for the scheme helping to coordinate the engagement of all other Edinburgh Universities and Colleges. The relationship is part of the University’s recently announced plan to be zero carbon by 2040.
  • Serco has secured an exciting partnership with Just Eat who will provide sponsorship income and be an active partner in engaging with communities to promote cycling.
  • The bikes will be equipped with Urban Sharing’s industry-leading smart technology, including built-in GPS and GSM capability enabling real-time communication between the bike and back office control systems. This will help Serco to ensure the bikes are well-maintained and distributed to the right docking station locations at the right time to meet customer demand.
  • Edinburgh Cycles provides the most open and transparent data platform of any cycle hire scheme in the UK with the current and historic usage and performance data available for public view

On 'your' bike

We want more people using bikes to get around the locations we serve.

Cycling can be a bit intimidating. When you think of cycling you might think of lycra clad speed demons whizzing past. You don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to ride a bike. We believe bikes should be for everyone, from all walks of life, all fitness levels, all ages and all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve made Your Bike convenient and affordable for everyone in any city. So whoever you are, there’s a bike for you.

We recognise that each city is individual and needs its own approach to the Your Bike solution. We will work with you to design a system suited to your needs and your customers’ needs. We’ll be with you to develop a funding scheme that works for you, whether that’s through sponsorship, fully public sector funded, or a blended approach.