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Edinburgh Cycle Hire

We put the customer at the heart of our solutions, in Edinburgh we used intuitive technology to create a simple hire process for all. We introduced a hybrid solution that offered a mix of both fixed docking stations and virtual docking locations creating flexibility for users. 

This hybrid solution revolutionised cycle hire; the technology is now on the bike not on the dock, the key advantage of this is in enabling us to know where the bike is at any one time.   

We identified the right partners to develop this new hybrid solution – Urban Sharing from Norway brought the smart technology on the bike, and Pashley Cycles from the UK delivered a high quality, easy on the eye, British-made bicycle for public hire. Giving the customer confidence and comfort from a trusted source. 

A man riding a Just East Transport for Edinburgh bicycle

Interesting facts

The scheme offered a mixed fleet of 500 pedal bikes and 150 eBikes, achieving: 

  • 57,000 registered users 
  • 200,000 pedal bike trips 
  • 21,000 eBike trips between 2019 and 2020 
  • 8% year-on-year growth in scheme usage 
JEC on Castle Street_credit_The Edinburgh Reporter

Technical advancement and innovation

Edinburgh Cycles provided the most open and transparent data platform of any cycle hire scheme in the UK with the current and historic usage and performance data available for public view. 

The bikes were equipped with Urban Sharing’s industry-leading smart technology, including built-in GPS and GSM capability enabling real-time communication between the bike and back office control systems. This helped us to ensure that the bikes were well-maintained and distributed to the right docking station locations at the right time to meet customer demand.  

A row of Just Eat Transport for Edinburgh bicycles


In 2018 Serco secured an exciting partnership with Just Eat who provided sponsorship income and were an active partner in engaging with communities to promote cycling as a fun, healthy and efficient transport alternative for getting around Edinburgh.