London Cycle Hire

The London Cycle Hire Scheme (LCHS) was established in 2010 and provides Londoners and visitors with the opportunity to rent one of 12,300 bikes across 800 Stations and 21,000 Docking Points. From 2010 to 2017 Serco designed, built and operated the first generation of the scheme, which included the full service provision of Bike Distribution, Bike and Dock Maintenance, Contact Centre, IT, Billing & associated Finance support for the commissioning customer, Transport for London (TfL).

In 2017 we won the second contract – Bike Management and Supply (BMS)  in which Serco is  responsible for Bike Supply, Distribution, Maintenance, Operation Centre and the for the Design,  Build and Delivery of changes.  We are also responsible for the customer App.

London is a very special and unique city which created many challenges in the introduction and growth of cycle hire.  We have developed real operational excellence through an analytically driven approach to planning the distribution and daily re distribution of bikes to meet demand throughout the day.  Throughout the 9 years we have continue to keep abreast of technology and digital developments – we designed and introduced an App enabling users to book a ride via their smart phone before this became commonplace.

Some interesting facts

London cycle Hire Scheme

Record breaking year

Through the experience of the first 7 years we bid – and won, the contract again with the proposition of a new cycle designed in conjunction with our bike manufacturing partner the UK based Pashley Cycles. This drew on the learnings and enabled us to improve the robustness of the design and also improve the whole life cost through designing in features that eased the maintenance effort enabling on street repair, and workshop down time. to improve the availability of bikes.

We achieved a 'record-breaking' year in 2018 with more than 10.5 million journeys made using Santander Cycles operated by Serco. There was an average of 29,500 hires each day, the highest daily average since the scheme started in 2010.


Technical advancement and innovation

We also introduced the Blaze Laserlight as a key safety improving features that significantly increases the visibility of the bike when on the move amongst road traffic especially at night.

We have been at the forefront of technical advancement and innovation which we believe is key for the continue development of this and successor high quality urban mobility operations.  We have introduced the advanced and market leading asset management platform – Maximo which has enabled greater control of stock through integration with SAP, analytics and reporting studio for enhancing forecasting capabilities.  Our tailored logistics (distribution, reactive and preventative maintenance) and scheduling tool using AI technology (Decision Brain) was a finalist in the IBM Beacon Awards for innovation.

App success

We launched an app used by more than 70,000 people enabling users to pre-book, skip past the docking station terminal, and get on their bike quicker.