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Our solutions put people first. We innovate with cutting-edge solutions designed around safety, longevity, accessibility, and our understanding of end user behaviour.

Insight gained through managing over 11 million trips annually.

Cycle hire not only helps people to make more environmentally friendly travel choices, but it also helps to address inequalities by making cycling accessible to those who otherwise may not have access to a bike.

Accessibility: rider case-study

Algar hadn’t cycled in over 20 years until cycle hire was introduced to her town. For her, like many others Cycle hire provides access to high quality bikes without the worry of a financial investment, storage or maintenance.

The personal benefits are great too; Algar credits cycle hire with improving her mental and physical health as well helping her to feel younger and think clearer.



The schemes we design and deliver have a proven positive impact on society; helping to make cycling more accessible than ever. 

Historically participation data shows that Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are less likely to cycle, however our schemes are helping to shift this trend.  In 2021 research from TfL showed that cycling participation was much more representative of Londoners than in previous years, with Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups just as likely to have cycled in the last 12months than white Londoners.

The same is true for the West Midlands where 50% of our riders come from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. Statistics from CoMoUK shows that 66% of cycle hire users across the UK are from white backgrounds - we’re proud that our schemes lead the way for diversity.

Local impact

We believe in opportunities for local people and created 20 new job opportunities when our latest scheme launched in the West Midlands in March 2021.  75% of our workforce operating and delivering the scheme are local residents. 

The West Midlands scheme also has a predominately local supply chain. We appointed local manufacturers to produce both our pedal and e-bikes, the docking stations and bike locking system. 


We’re proud that our schemes lead the way for diversity.

Sam Jones
Micromobility Director

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