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Our services

With our towns and cities becoming more densely populated and the need to improve air quality at the top of government agendas we understand what it takes to implement new active travel modes.

We have the knowledge to help you put into place what is needed to encourage communities to move in new and different ways.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution partner to design, supply and operate a micromobility service on behalf of your local authority, or you require collaborators with operational expertise to develop and scope active and sustainable travel plans and procurements, we can help.

Our services include:

Design and specification

Through a detailed consultation with you we will identify various solutions for your project, outlining associated delivery and maintenance costs and will support you in engaging interested parties and securing external funding if required.


Procure, install, test and commission all hardware and software systems, including any technology integrations.


Define and specify all required operational processes and procedures, recruit, train and mobilise operation staff and managers, procure and commission depot(s), fleet and support services.

Marketing and communications

Plan, implement and report on fully integrated omnichannel marketing and communication strategies to support service launch, ongoing customer engagement and stakeholder management.

Customer support

Define and deliver customer support services with proven high customer satisfaction levels.

When you choose to work with Serco, you can be assured of our:

  • expertise of working with government organisations

  • experience of driving cost efficiencies through our contracts

  • industry-knowledge to tailor a solution that will deliver long-term, sustainable results to your authority

Commercial sustainability

The schemes we run are designed for longevity utilising the highest quality assets. Working with trusted partners and small and medium-sized enterprises, we build and operate solutions for public sector ownership, aimed at delivering value for the taxpayer. 

We’re currently the largest UK provider in terms of the number of bikes; with over 14,000 cycles and e-bikes pedalling around the towns and cities where we live. Our schemes demonstrate the widely recognised health and wellbeing outcomes and the positive environmental benefits that can be achieved through the introduction of cycle hire.


As such we are proud to operate the longest running scheme in the UK, London’s Santander Cycles. Not only has the scheme been running successfully for over ten years but it’s also going from strength to strength. 

Over time the scheme has seen geographical expansions taking it from 315 stations to now almost 1000. The popularity of the scheme continues to grow with 2021 proving to be a record-breaking year with the most hires seen to date at 10.9million hires.

 Case studies

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