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Reimagining Public Services

Serco is a public services expert that specialises in the delivery of essential public services with over 50,000 people working across the world in Defence, Transport, Justice, Immigration, Health, and other Citizen Services across national, state and local government.

In the UK Serco operates across six sectors


Citizen Services

From contact centres and complex case management to the administration of flagship employment and health programmes to the operation of local waste management and leisure services, we are committed to delivering better government services to citizens.

Defence Services

Trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities by military organisations around the world, we have deep expertise in delivering lower-cost, higher quality defence services.

Justice Services

From prison management and rehabilitation to secure logistics, court, and prisoner escorting services, we are committed to safeguarding society and reducing reoffending by helping those in our care turn their lives around.

Immigration Services

With capabilities right across the immigration cycle, from border control and detention centres to housing and welfare support, we are committed to helping governments protect borders and sensitively manage immigration.

Healthcare Services

Proudly working in partnership with the NHS for over 25 years, providing generalist health support services, from facilities management to acute patient flow. We are committed to delivering a better environment for patients, visitors and staff, delivering better value, not just in managing our service costs but in enabling the NHS to make better use of clinical resources and ultimately supporting better care.

Transport Services

We design and assure high quality customer centric passenger transport services – in rail, ferries and cycle hire in partnership with government by integrating the best in technology and assets with our people to deliver service excellence, meeting economic and social needs.