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Rail Passenger Services

We specialise in understanding the needs of users and communities to design passenger services with the benefit of deep customer and stakeholder insight in a delivery model that integrates rolling stock, infrastructure and retailing technology into efficient customer centric rail services.

Serco has drawn on our unique experience in the last 20 years operating rail services in the UK, Australia and Middle East to develop a very customer-centric approach that focuses on designing the product to meet the needs of the end customer, integrating all the elements of trains, infrastructure, stations, retail technology and of course our people.  We see ourselves as a provider of public transport services to customers rather than just a train operator. 

At Serco, we recognise the importance of transport solutions to serve communities and working together to deliver social and economic benefits through rail transport services within those communities.

Our current services:


Merseyrail (in a joint venture with Transport UK) is at the forefront of best practice in customer service excellence. 

In Merseyrail we have redesigned the model of delivering a city region-wide rail transit system, transforming a poor-performing service into a reliable train network with a positive reputation.  Through a model of operational excellence we have focussed on delivering high levels of predictability, reliability, punctuality, trust, safety and customer service.  All of which has led to Merseyrail consistently being at or around the top of the league on customer satisfaction and operational performance.

Club Car, Caledonian Sleeper

Caledonian Sleeper

For Caledonian Sleeper we approached the challenge of redesigning the business not just through the lens of an experience transport provider but through our deep experience in hospitality services drawing on tourism trains in Australia, overnight ferry services to the Shetland Islands and of course our own customer journey model to re design all aspects of our guests journey to delight and deliver excellence. We integrate the expertise brought by our key delivery partners in train haulage, local quality produce suppliers, rolling stock maintenance and infrastructure to deliver the end service to customers.