Cycle Hire

We have developed cycle hire as a high quality public transport mode. We designed, built and implemented the London Cycle Hire scheme for Transport for London, the largest of its kind and then developed the YourBike hybrid cycle hire concept now launched in Edinburgh in partnership with Transport for Edinburgh.

Find out more about the two cycle schemes:

London Cycle Hire

Established in 2010 providing Londoners and visitors with the opportunity to rent one of 12,300 bikes across 800 Stations and 21,000 Docking Points. From 2010 to 2017 Serco designed, built and operated the first generation of the scheme, which included the full service provision of Bike Distribution, Bike and Dock Maintenance, Contact Centre, IT, Billing & associated Finance support for the commissioning customer, Transport for London.

Edinburgh Cycle Hire

Serco created a new Cycle Hire proposition - "Your Bike" and launched it in Edinburgh. With the increasing challenges faced by cities, in seeking congestion and pollution free streets, reliable attractive cycle hire schemes and other similar forms of shared or rental mobility services are needed. “A bike for everyone” - Your Bike puts the customer at the heart of our solutions, using intuitive technology creating a simple hire process for all.