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We operate ferry services that meet the needs of the local community and facilitate leisure and tourism.


Serco manages lifeline ferry services on behalf of our government customers. We manage service delivery, vessels, and port operations to meet increasing service standards and better value for money, transporting passengers, cars, and freight.

We operate ferry services safely, reliably, and sustainably, meeting the needs of local communities while facilitating leisure, tourism, and economic growth.

Our vision is to deliver high quality ferry services and better value for money.

Through community engagement and in-depth analytics, we embed end-to-end customer experience into service design, planning, and delivery. This allows us to modernise facilities, innovate services, and improve utilisation in a way that is directly linked to passenger satisfaction, while delivering service efficiencies.

We provide more reliable services through improved operational management, with a greater focus on workforce motivation, service consistency, and customer-centric decision making.

Working with local partners we promote destinations through targeted marketing and by utilising local produce and resources where possible.

Key Fact

  • We took over NorthLink Ferries in 2012 and have since improved vessel utilisation, refurbished all three passenger vessels, introduced sleeping POD seats to provide additional overnight accommodation, enhanced accessibility standards, and introduced more local produce.

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