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15 million hires milestone for Barclays Cycle Hire

Published: 16 Aug 2012

Barclays Cycle Hire, managed by Serco on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), has hit another milestone as recent record numbers of users have contributed to a new total of 15million hires since the scheme's launch. The second anniversary of the scheme, two weeks ago, also coincided with three records in one week: 47,100 hires on one day, 300,000 hires in one week and over 1 million hires in a month.

Demand over the Olympic period and the good weather experienced in July and August have contributed to the large number of people hiring bikes as they look for alternative ways to travel across London for work and leisure.

The single busiest day seen by Barclays Cycle Hire so far has been 10 August with over 47,100 hires.

To successfully meet demand over the Olympic period, the Serco team has been working hard to ensure the service runs smoothly. By anticipating and identifying likely hot spots, the team ensures bikes continue to be available for regular customers so they can still get to work. In tandem the team are also making sure that the millions of Olympic visitors could use the scheme as a way of travelling between venues.

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Serco continues to work closely with TfL, to plan and deliver the service for the Games and will continue to do so over August as visitors arrive in anticipation of the Paralympic Games.  Iain Adamson, Serco Contract Director, said: "The team are extremely proud to have been able to meet the demand over the Olympics and to have broken some of our own records. Our attention now turns to the Paralympics and ensuring we remain focused on delivering an excellent service to our customers whether they are regular users or visitors to the Games."

Iain added, "Each day we review the usage profile and our redistribution strategy so that, if necessary, we can make changes for the following day. We are also supporting the City's commuters getting to work by ensuring that significant stations such as Kings Cross and Waterloo are well provided for."

A number of contingencies are in place to support increased demand during the Olympics including four quick reaction teams. These teams are on-call throughout London to rapidly deal with short-notice requests from the authorities or TfL.

The current top five docking stations for hiring the bikes are: Waterloo Station, Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner, Black Lion gate, Kensington Gardens and Belgrove Street, King's Cross.


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