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Serco wins 'Technology Innovator of the Year'

Published: 12 Jun 2013


Serco, the international service company, has been recognised as one of the foremost Government service organisations for demonstrating innovation in the delivery of online and multichannel citizen service, after it won not one, but two national KANA awards. Serco was awarded the 'Best Web Experience' and 'Technology Innovator of the Year', as part of its strategic partnership with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

The Hertfordshire Application Support team, which is part of the HCC contract, developed a front-line portal for citizens to self-register for driver offender courses, significantly improving the customer journey, and helping to secure the 'Best Web Experience' award. The innovative new system enables citizens to connect directly with the police national offenders' office to determine specific course requirements for their specific offence. Serco was awarded 'Technology Innovator of the Year' for its commitment and collaboration with KANA to develop and deliver innovative and creative solutions designed to improve customer service.

Andy Bowie, Applications Manager for the Serco team said, 'The use of KANA systems and technology is vitally important in helping us to improve our services. In the current financial climate there is a demand for dynamic, innovative, and cost effective services and our development teams have consistently provided innovative ideas which have delivered these objectives for our customers.' 
KANA systems are used across several contracts in Serco's Global BPO business and their annual awards recognise excellence in customer service by users of KANA systems. Serco's strategic partnership with Hertfordshire County Council is saving the council at least £25m by transforming the way in which support services are delivered, and has already identified over £10m of additional savings from improving customer journeys for which these enabling technologies have been a key component, while ensuring a better web experience by making it easier for citizens and customers to help themselves.