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Serco launches new cyber attack mitigation training

Published: 25 Jun 2014

Serco, the company that manages the Emergency Planning College (EPC) on behalf of the Cabinet Office, has today launched cybX, a unique, powerful and innovative training capability that enables organisations to test and validate their cyber security in a safe, realistic and secure environment. 

Cyber-attack is a growing threat to UK businesses, resulting in the loss of sensitive personal and financial data such as customer records and corporate trade secrets. A recent survey found that 91% of organisations suffer a cyber-attack at least once a year (Kaspersky Lab and B2B International research, Dec 2013), Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) being  particularly vulnerable to  infiltration.

The cybX training system when combined with EPC's expertise and experience in wider organisational resilience training and exercising, offers organisations a first-class, hands-on technical and consequence management training programme against the inevitable cyber-attack.

The cutting-edge system, the first of its kind in the UK, is designed to test both IT staff and management teams  on their ability to identify the nature of a cyber-attack; terminate that attack; manage their organisation's response; and restore systems to the 'new normal'. For each session Serco will create a corporate network in order to provide those taking part with a realistic environment in which to test their skills against a variety of simulated internal and external scenarios. Performance is then objectively assessed leading to a much greater understanding of an organisation's strengths and vulnerabilities, and where improvements can be made.

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Richard Preece, Serco's Director of cbyX, said: "You wouldn't send a soldier into the field that hasn't been properly trained or prepared; and the same should be true for those working in the front-line of cyber operations. Our new training is designed to put employees from the server room to the board room through their paces and enable organisations to better prepare for the inevitable cyber-attack. This gives management boards and executive teams the strategic assurance they need and, hopefully, the confidence to further exploit the opportunities that digital innovation can bring to business growth and development in the increasingly inter-connected global economy."

Duncan Mackison, Serco's Managing Director for Defence, added: "Organisations have made high level investment in technology and cyber-security is at the forefront of every CEO and Director's mind. Every day we hear about another cyber-attack and now, thanks to this new and exciting capability, organisations can also invest in their people to ensure they are properly prepared to withstand any threats."

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