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Serco pioneers cycle safe technology on refuse and recycling vehicles

Published: 24 Jun 2014

Serco is the first environmental services company to fit CyclearTM technology as standard to all its new Large Good Vehicles (LGV's) operating in London.

From autumn this year, all of Serco's new refuse and recycling fleet for the London Borough of Havering will be fitted with CyclearTM technology as standard.  CyclearTM technology warns nearby cyclists when a vehicle is due to make a left turn and this visual warning is supported with an audible warning, alerting cyclists and other vulnerable road users and pedestrians of a nearby LGV. 

LGV collisions account for over 20% of cycling fatalities, 50% of which take place in London.  The use this new innovative technology will help to reduce the number of collisions between LGV's and cyclists.  The technology, developed by ISS (Innovative Safety Systems Limited), has been undergoing robust testing and research for three years and has been piloted by Serco on its environmental services contract in Wandsworth.  Driver feedback from the pilot has enabled Serco and ISS to work together to further improve the system which will now be fitted as standard to all of Serco's new refuse and recycling fleet for the London Borough of Havering.

Philip Quelch, National Fleet & Plant Manager for Serco Direct Services, said: "The number of fatalities involving LGV's and cyclists is rising every year in London and innovations such as the CyclearTM technology are key to the safety of our staff and the local community. When we first trialled the system in Wandsworth,  the feedback from our drivers was unequivocal; they noticed a considerable change in the behaviour of cyclists who were much more cautious in approaching the vehicle when it was signalling to turn left."

Gavin Thoday, Director ISS, added:  "The number of cyclists on the roads has risen significantly over the past few years and as a result so has the number of Cycling Casualties. Startling statistics from RoSPA prompted the team at ISS to develop CyclearTM, of which we are all immensely proud. I would like to thank Serco for their feedback during the development phase which we incorporated into the final product.  A successful launch earlier this year has seen great interest from both the UK and internationally and we are hoping our product will soon be helping cyclists all over the world."

Serco begins operating the environmental services contract for the London borough of Havering from autumn 2014.