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West Brom man wins global award for courage and selflessness

Published: 4 Jun 2015

Serco's Ravi Kumar, 32, from West Bromwich is one of only six people to win a Serco Global Pulse Award in the 'Heart' category after risking his life to rescue an elderly man from a gun wielding robber. Serco's Global Pulse Awards, awarded this month, are the company's annual awards which recognise the employees who have done extraordinary things for their colleagues, customers or communities. The Heart category recognises those who have shown unequalled courage bravery and selflessness.

Ravi, Employer Relationship Manager with Serco Welfare Services based in Birmingham city centre, is responsible for building relationships with local and national employers to support jobseekers on the Work Programme get back into relevant and sustainable jobs. Ravi was driving home from work one evening when he saw a young man attacking an elderly man. Ravi immediately jumped out of the car to defend him, and in the course of doing so had to protect himself from a series of kicks and blows. At that point the elderly man's wife came out from their fish and chip shop to warn Ravi that the younger man had a gun and was trying to steal money from their till. Ravi immediately restrained the gunman and called out for help from bystanders. After overpowering the attacker, shaking off more blows and kicks, and having his suit torn in several places, Ravi phoned the police and, until a specialist unit arrived, he and another man who stopped to help, held down the struggling gunman.

In April this year, the assailant was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison for possessing an imitation fire arm and attempted robbery.

Ravi's colleagues Paul Hughes and Foysal Ahmed who nominated Ravi for the award said: "Ravi's actions epitomise the behaviour envisaged of someone who merits recognition for showing courage and selflessness when going to the aid of others in their hour of need."The owners of the chip shop were overwhelmed with gratitude for Ravi's intervention, not only in apprehending the man who had attempted to make off with the contents of the till, but also in bringing to an end the beating that the elderly gentleman was receiving at the hands of the assailant. The owners have told him that he and his family are welcome at the chip shop for free for life! Clearly, Ravi has demonstrated outstanding bravery and selflessness in dashing to the aid of someone in need, behaviours he also demonstrates at work." Ravi received his award from Serco's CEO Rupert Soames during a dinner at the Institute of Directors in London.