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Maximising Potential of Non-Clinical Staff

Published: 16 Nov 2016

Serco in partnership with Health Service Journal (HSJ) has published the findings of its extensive ‘Inquiry on Maximising the Contribution of NHS Non-Clinical Staff’.

Over half a million of the 1.2 million people in the NHS work in the vital range of roles that support clinical care of NHS patients. These roles are many, and include cleaners, cooks, porters, gardeners, maintenance, administrators, IT, security, communications, finance, human resources. switchboard operators, receptionists, mortuary staff, medical librarians, commissioning support staff and car parking management.

The Inquiry started in March 2016 and included five workshops and sessions at HSJ Summits to discuss the issues in the inquiry with a broad range of colleagues across the NHS. An interim report was produced in May whose findings and recommendations were refined and reviewed at further session resulting in the final report.

The Inquiry’s final report makes a number of key recommendations around the following subject areas:

  • Ending the second-class citizen status for staff whose jobs are not clinical;
  • Improving the NHS culture by maximising these staff’s motivation;
  • Recognising the contribution that these staff make to the overall patient experience;
  • Using the input of these staff;
  • Thinking about these staff as a valuable resource rather than a problematic cost.

Download the full report here: Maximising Non-Clinical Workforce