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Serco Leisure launches bespoke ‘digital workshop’ programme in partnership with Life Fitness Academy

Published: 26 Nov 2018

Gym staff from UK facilities managed by leading leisure services provider Serco Leisure are set to take part in a new training initiative, focusing on the use of digital technology as part of health and fitness programmes.

Created in partnership with Life Fitness Academy (LFA) – the global training and education arm of Life Fitness – the digital workshop will discuss the use of technology, apps and wearables and their roles in enhancing engagement and improving physical activity levels for members at Serco Leisure-managed facilities.

Set to launch in December, the new training will teach gym floor teams how to encourage members to get the most out of technology as part of a health and fitness plan. Instructors will learn about current and upcoming trends in digital fitness, the challenges in implementing new technology and how best to interact with members in order to understand and deliver against their needs, with the aim of maintaining and improving members’ fitness levels.

“Digital technology is now a huge part of the fitness landscape and we recognise for many of our members this can be overwhelming. With the landscape rapidly evolving, it is essential that we evolve our industry’s thinking to ensure that we can embrace technology to our benefit,” says Jon Hymus, Commercial Director for Serco Leisure.

“We want our gyms to become the facilities of choice for those people who might recognise the value of technology but not always know how best to use it - whether that’s getting started with a wearable or finding the right app to support their bespoke training requirements.

“By working with Life Fitness Academy, our aim is to equip our gym staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to best support our members to achieve their personal health and fitness goals, and I believe we are the first leisure operator in the UK to offer this important add-on to the training suite we already offer our gym teams.”

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Serco Leisure has worked in partnership with Life Fitness for over 20 years, with 50 Life Fitness-equipped gyms across its estate. The digital workshop is the latest education programme to be created by LFA for the company and will prominently feature Serco Leisure’s new exercise tracking app, More Fitness, which launched in June this year and already has over 31,000 registered users. On completion of the training, gym instructors will be armed with all the knowledge needed to assist members in getting the most out of More Fitness.

“The opportunities that exist for gyms that embrace technology are huge, yet there’s a big gap in the market for education that improves instructors’ understanding of how digital can enhance a member’s training experience,” says Adrian Nash, Digital Experience Manager for Life Fitness.

“The team at Serco Leisure identified this and they’ve been central to the development of the digital workshop programme now in place.”

In an extension to this, LFA is set to launch the digital workshop as part of its wider education offering, which can be tailored to suit customers based on their own technology and/or apps.

“We are focused on being at the forefront of the digital space in fitness and a big part of what we do is to bring people and technology together to achieve the best outcome for our customers and their members,” explains Adrian.

“Training and education are central to this, and the work of Life Fitness Academy aims to support our customers in encouraging members to get the most out of their facilities and consequently, their health and fitness activities.”



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