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Grounds and Streets

Managing and maintaining streets and public spaces on behalf of local authorities, from street cleaning, litter services winter gritting and flood response support through to landscaping and horticulture including specialist sports ground management.

Grounds and Streets

Serco understand that maintaining high standards in our streets, parks, and recreational spaces is critical to building attractive local environments, enhancing resident wellbeing, and securing inward investment. We help local authorities to offer the right mix of facilities and amenities for as many people as possible, whilst managing scarce funding.

We provide a wide range of ground and street services to residents in their local communities. We consult with residents to understand the environmental improvements and local amenities that matter most, and design services that meet the needs of different groups within local communities.

We provide a wide range of ground and street services to residents, on behalf of our local authority customers, shaped by consultation to ensure we understand the environmental improvements and local amenities that matter most to the communities that we serve, ensuring we design services that meet the needs of all.

Our services are delivered in accordance with our own best operating practice, in a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable fashion. We are experts in promoting enjoyment, use, and participation in order to increase resident satisfaction and make local open spaces more productive and affordable. This involves prioritising scarce funding, implementing strategies for income generation, and delivering more for less by harnessing the energy and capacity of local community groups, in order to minimise the cost to local council tax payers.

Service Pledge

Our Commitment

1. We will be polite, helpful and courteous in our dealings with you at all times.

2. We will communicate well and regularly using channels that reflect the needs of service users.

3. We will make it easy for you contact us and let you know how you can get in touch.

4. We will publish our maintenance programme regularly and notify you promptly of the reasons for any delays or cancellations.

5. We will deliver our programme to the highest quality standards and in accordance with established best practice.

6. We will minimise waste and the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals and maximise re-use and recycling throughout.

7. We will operate safely and in a way that minimises unnecessary disruption and inconvenience to you.

8. We will respond to customer complaints promptly notifying you of the outcome and the steps we’ve taken as a result.

9. We will consult widely and regularly and use customer feedback to continuously improve the standards of service we provide.

Key Facts

  • We provide street cleansing services to 12 Local Authorities, landscape services to 7 Local Authorities, look after 160,000 bedding plants, cut 113,000 hectares of grass, and sweep 272,000km of roads a year.
  • We are the only environmental services company to be awarded the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ accreditation.
  • We have more than £1bn in service payments linked to customer satisfaction. We survey over 14,000 residents and use their feedback to continuously improve the service we provide.
  • We have developed our own best-operating practice approach to street cleaning using Minimum MilesTM and Intelligent CleansingTM methodologies.
  • Over 100 community volunteers have helped us deal with over 25,000 grot-spots over the past five years.
  • We have reduced service carbon emissions by more than 30%.

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