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Waste and Recycling

Providing a diverse range of sustainable waste management services to resedents on behalf of our local authority customers. As well as delivering waste services to business from seven strategic sites across the UK.

Waste and Recycling

Serco provides a complete waste and recycling service on behalf of local authorities. We are experts in designing, implementing, and managing waste and recycling services, with a capability spanning collection, treatment, processing, and disposal.

Working with a network of strategic partner facilities, we deliver innovative and diverse collection systems to all tenure and property types that are designed entirely around the needs of local residents.

Our waste and recycling services enable local authorities to deliver reliable waste management services for a growing population while driving ongoing cost efficiencies. Working closely with local authorities and residents, we strive to minimise waste and maximise participation in recycling.

We put residents at the centre of the way we deliver services and consult with them to understand how we can continually improve the services we provide. Services are delivered in accordance with our own best operating practice to optimise operations, reduce costs, and environmental impact.

We facilitate national standards, such as the recycling target, by driving attitudinal and behavioural change though a programme of community engagement, resident communications, education campaigns, and incentive schemes.

Service Pledge

Our Commitment

1. We will be polite, helpful and courteous in our dealings with our colleagues and the public – always.

2. We will explain clearly what services you can expect to receive.

3. We will provide regular collections and a reliable collection service.

4. We will collect waste in such a way that doesn’t produce litter.

5. We will explain clearly the rules of our service and the reasons for them.

6. We will tell you in good time if we have to make changes to your services, even temporarily.

7. We will respond to customer complaints promptly notifying you of the outcome and the steps we’ve taken as a result.

8. We will consider any special requests that individual households may have.

9. We will collect as many materials as we can and explain what happens to them.

10. We will tell all our residents about this service pledge.


Key Facts

  • We provide waste and recycling services to 20 Local Authorities, including 4 within shared services arrangements, and5 London boroughs.
  • We collect waste and recycling from 2.5 million residents per annum, of which c. 285,000 tonnes is recyclable.
  • We operate ‘Minimum Miles’ route optimisation technology, reducing our customer costs by up to 15%.
  • We have an accident frequency rate that is amongst the very best in the sector, less than 0.71 Riddors per 100,000hrs worked. 
  • We are the only environmental services company to be awarded the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ accreditation.
  • We have more than £1bn in service payments linked to customer satisfaction. We survey over 15,000 residents and use their feedback to continuously improve the service we provide.
  • We have reduced service carbon emissions by more than 30%.

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