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Supporting our customers by getting the information they need, quickly, to deliver on their commitments. Digital Services

Our digital specialists have been providing professional data management services to the UK’s rail industry, its suppliers and contractors for over 30 years, offering a full suite of data management services that are widely recognised as providing industry 'best practice'.

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Data management - parts, documents and drawings

Digital Services have developed the parts and documentation system, “PADS” and the support services to meet the industry’s changing requirements over many years. PADS is a relational database holding over 800,000 components records, 500,000 drawing records and 90,000 maintenance document records, with over 3,500,000 relational links. A further 110,000 component records held in PADS have been approved by Network Rail for use on their railway infrastructure applications.

PADS is firmly established throughout the UK rail industry, and through the web portal “PADSnet”, it is available to more than 165 railway companies, including manufacturers and suppliers both nationwide and globally.

The understanding of the design configuration of railway related assets is fundamental to the management of engineering change. The links within PADS to circa 1,500 vehicle class references provide the ability to identify specific records to the appropriate vehicles, which can be linked in a structured manner within the database.

Digital Services is run by a dedicated team of experienced, knowledgeable data specialist who have years of experience within the rail industry, that enables them to deliver tailored services to meet customer needs and challenges.


PADSnet is an impartial and unique data library which includes British Rail legacy fleet data, ROSCO supplied data and Network Rail approved products amongst its thousands of records.

PADSnet is available on-line, 24/7 with no requirement for specialist software but is designed to maintain confidential, customised, and controlled access. Access to PADSnet provides users with real-time information and the latest versions of documentation, with controlled versions being available to specific customers. Notifications are provided as-and-when version changes occur, enabling businesses to meet all of their documentation management requirements.

The simple layout design allows users to easily search for components, drawings, documents, and vehicle information as well as accessing customised data sets specific to their businesses.

Commercial confidentiality is a key consideration when managing data and Digital Service’s experience in co-ordinating sensitive business information through strict access and control regimes has been proven over many years.

The Digital Services team can provide support with:

  • Data version control and management to customer specification.

  • Data distribution management, providing controlled copy to clients and contractors.

  • Discrete data collections for the tender of contractual applications, introducing clarity and significantly reducing risk.

Legacy documentation

During the privatisation of the British Railways Board, its vast libraries of data, relating to the traction and rolling stock vehicle fleets, which it had formerly owned and operated, were recognised as having significant bearing on the safety and legal issues surrounding the operation of the ‘new’ railway. These data records are held in the form of documents, drawings, and technical files - in a variety of media.

To facilitate impartial access to the data, Railway Documentation and Drawing Services Limited (RDDS) was created who in turn contract with Serco Limited Digital Services to manage the operational activities on its behalf.

Storage of 3D and FEA Models

Using PADSnet we have the capability to store and manage 3D drawings and FEA models.

The service we offer enables us to:

  • Receive 3D model via SharePoint.

  • Registration into PADSnet with appropriate linking and distribution to users as required.

  • Storage of master files in SharePoint.

"We are proud to offer an impartial, extensive, and unique data library which includes British Rail legacy fleet data, Network Rail approved products, and ROSCO supplied data. Our experienced and knowledgeable data specialists are available to help and advise customers with their data management needs, offering truly tailored services."

Mark Jones
Digital Services Manager

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