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Working collaboratively, at pace, with high energy levels to provide our customers with solutions. Engineering Services

Independent provider of bespoke packages of engineering services, supporting customers to overcome vehicle and infrastructure service problems through testing, data analysis and diagnosis.

Overhead line equipment (OLE) testing and certification

The electrification of the UK is a national endeavour as part of reaching a carbon zero society; the rail industry is a key driver in reaching this target. When new overhead line is built is has to be proven to have met a range of standards in order to be accepted.

At Serco Rail Technical Services (SRTS), we have developed a highly specialised system that can be fit to a customer’s train, and this becomes a test vehicle that forms part of the validation and verification of new OLE.

We undertake pantograph / OLE interaction tests to BS EN 50317 to support certification of pantograph performance and new electrification installation (OLE) projects. We test new or existing pantograph installations in single and multiple pantograph operating modes. Acceptance requires the measurement of pantograph/overhead line contact force, directional tuning, and determination of contact force aerodynamic augment component. The system can also perform dynamic measurement of contact wire height to determine uplift, which can be validated using trackside measurements if required.

In-service OLE/Pantograph monitoring

Using our specialist Remote Conditioning System (RCM) OLE testing and certification system, we have developed techniques that allow us to install our equipment as a stand-alone installation on any electrified vehicle fitted with a pantograph. This provides us with the capability to enable our customers to monitor the behaviour of their pantograph and associated OLE infrastructure whilst the vehicle is in passenger carrying service, all provided without the need for any on-site or on-vehicle technical support. The data is collected and analysed and exceedances reported quickly enabling proactive responses to defects on either rolling stock or the infrastructure.

The data that is generated from our RCM system gives our customers virtually pinpoint location accuracy of how their vehicle pantograph and OLE interface is performing along any given route(s). Any repeatable behaviour anomalies can be reported and subsequently investigated quickly and precisely, with any subsequent OLE remedial work, if required, being re-certified using our RCM on board system.

The RCM system can be installed on in service passenger trains for continues monitoring of the pantograph / OLE interface monitoring enabling proactive maintenance of either the rolling stock or the infrastructure, reducing compatibility defects and subsequent cost and time delay.

In addition, our RCM system is fully compliant to undertake new OLE infrastructure installations for construction assurance of newly installed infrastructure. 

We also we undertake the Homologation / Engineering Change process of the installation design and subsequent maintenance provision making our service proposition seamless to our customers.

On-site non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection

Our team of highly qualified and PCN certified NDT Field Technicians are readily deployable throughout the UK to conduct:

  • Ultrasonic Axle Testing (UAT)

  • Ultrasonic Tread Testing (UTT)

  • Ultrasonic Testing Wrought Products (UT)

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

  • Bearing inspection

NDT field service is offered with Service Level Agreements (SLA) or as a call-out service to meet your specific requirements. Our pricing structure for NDT field testing and inspection is clear, concise, transparent with no 'hidden' charges.

Materials testing and metallurgy

We are extremely fortunate at SRTS to have our own metallurgical laboratory and test facility that enables us to provide a wide range of component metallurgical analysis and material suitability advice services. As an independent test house, we have the capability to support our customers in determining material types that meet their requirements. This is of particular importance when our customers are required to overcome materials shortage or obsolescence.

Our bespoke support services include:

  • Visual examination

  • Material/defect sectioning

  • Micro structural analysis (general microstructure and grainsize)

  • Metallographic examination

  • Materials testing

  • Condition assessment

  • Static load testing

  • Joint testing

  • Hardness testing

  • Material composition analysis and selection advice.

We also offer tailored support services for ongoing customer issues, such as rail defects, materials testing to establish type and properties for components which are obsolete, or where original documentation is inadequate and the provision of materials selection advice and consultancy to manufacturers and suppliers. 

"It is a privilege to lead the Engineering Services team in the delivery of our products and our services to our customers. The projects that I have actively been involved since joining the team have really stood out as career highlights. The feedback that WE have received has been exceptional regarding the support and the willingness to overcome any issue to deliver. I am proud and feel fortunate to be in this role."

Gary Miller
Engineering Services Manager

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