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Working at pace with customers to identify defects early, helping to minimise downtime and reduce costs. Onsite rail specific Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Deploying teams of highly experienced, mobile field Non-Destructive Testing technicians to any site throughout the UK, offering a comprehensive range of NDT practices fully compliant with the required industry standards.

If you would like more information about our rail specific Non-Destructive Testing services, please get in touch.  

Email: [email protected] | Telephone: 0330 109 8852

Here at Serco Rail Technical Services (SRTS) our dedicated rail specific NDT Team has over 30 years of experience of providing the broadest array of in-service inspection methods in the UK.

We offer routine and tailored inspection services on all safety critical aspects of rolling stock.

Section of metal rail track being tested using electronic equipment

We have departments specialising in roller bearing and wheelset analysis that collaborate with our track testing team to develop holistic approaches to ensuring wheel to track safety.

How on the level of condition and integrity, do rolling stock and infrastructure affect each other over time? Together, at SRTS, we are unique in having the knowledge and experience to answer those questions.

When it comes to the safety and integrity of the rail infrastructure, vehicles, and other critical components, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) plays a vital role. 

NDT is a method of inspecting, testing, and evaluating the condition of materials and components without causing any damage to them. A preventative asset management approach used to inspect axles, wheels, bogies, and rails, to locate and identify defects.

It allows assets to be quickly and accurately evaluated without impacting service operations, causing downtime, or affecting the integrity, reliability, structure, or quality of the asset.

One of the most significant advantages of NDT is that it can detect flaws or defects that are not visible to the naked eye. These can include cracks, voids, inclusions, and other imperfections that could compromise the strength and durability of the material or component. By detecting these flaws early on, corrective measures can be taken to prevent catastrophic failure and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

We provide fully inclusive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to the rail industry via call-out or service level agreements. We’ll work closely with you to provide tailored solutions to meet your business requirements. From initial enquiry we can be onsite with in as little as 2 hours, or we can provide regular pre-agreed visits. 

Train mechanical parts being examined under a green light

Our pricing structure is clear, concise, and transparent with no 'hidden' charges.

We host a team of highly experienced, mobile field Non-Destructive Testing technicians that hold Personal Certification in NDT (PCN) accredited by the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT).

Metal train wheel

Our team can mobilise to any site throughout the UK offering a range of NDT practices fully compliant with the required industry standards:

  • Ultrasonic Axle Testing (UAT)
  • Ultrasonic Tread Testing (UTT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Wrought Products (UT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Welds
  • Eddy Current Testing of Forgings (EC)
  • Eddy Current Testing of Welds
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Bearing Inspection.

The work we do supports our customers, but in turn it impacts the end user, passengers. 

Our services can be used for early defect detection, enabling train operators to implement repair and maintenance schedules accordingly, and therefore ultimately reduce the down time of their vehicles, costs and repeat failures. 

Minimising disruption to both our customers and their passengers is the true value of NDT services and is the difference we are making. 

We truly believe and stand by our customers in helping them to understand the true value of carrying out routine analysis to identify issues and root causes. From initial conversations right through to completion, our engineers will work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and identify the best way forward. Carrying out non-destructive testing plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, reliability, and comfort of rail passengers, while also contributing to the efficient operation of rail networks.

Crack in metal component highlighted with yellow arrow

"We understand what it takes to build genuine partnerships with our customers. With over 50 years of  experience in the rail technical industry, and a team of highly experienced inspectors, we respond proactively to customer challenges with a broad array of rail specific testing methods to the highest possible standards. We tailor our services specifically to the requirements of our customers."

Terry Slater
NDT Operations Manager

Terry Slater on a transparent background
Female AASC colleague talking on mobile phone

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If you would like to find out more about our Non-Destructive Testing services, please call 0330 109 8852, or drop us a message and a member of our team will be in touch.

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