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Working hand-in-hand with our customers to integrate complex projects and provide technical advice and consultancy. Technical Consultancy

Providing the technical expertise, advice, and guidance, we work closely with our customers helping them to understand their challenges and make robust decisions from whole-life cost modelling, providing technical engineering support through to new fleet introduction and project management.


Engineering consultancy services

When you think of a consultant/consultancy, you conjure up an in image of an individual or a team that gives advice (usually expert) within a given field; but can a consultant give more than just advice? We not only believe so, but we do so! 

We are proud of the way that we consult with our customers as we put ourselves in our customers ‘shoes’, appreciate their situation and immerse ourselves into their project, team, or issue; but how do we be more than (just) a consultant? 

Serco Rail Technical Services (SRTS) is first and foremost a technical engineering team that specialises in the rail industry. We have a long history of involvement in technical challenges and delivering solutions across a diverse range of areas. Over 30+ years we have amassed a wide range of experience, hardware, and techniques that we can apply giving our customers either the solution they need or data that supports their decision-making process. In recent years we have reached out beyond the rail industry and this supports ‘what we do’ going from strength to strength.   

We continue to be welcomed onto our customers sites to understand their situation and openly discuss how we can help. This philosophy, attitude, behaviour, has enabled us to implement solutions quickly, effectively, and most importantly, collaboratively.    

On-site (test/testing) instrumentation, data capture and data analysis  

We offer a flexible, multi-faceted testing and analysis service which enables us to support our customers' needs, whether investigating vehicle service problems, providing baseline data for design studies, or the testing of new or modified products. 

Examples of our capabilities include: 

  • Brake and wheel slip testing 

  • Vehicle stability and internal vibration measurement 

  • Dynamic pantograph performance and tuning measurement 

  • On-train electrical measurement 

  • Strain measurement 

  • Commissioning and service introduction of new vehicle fleets 

  • Acceptance testing. 

In-service (service problem) test and support  

The ‘unknown unknown’. Problems, issues, defects etc. shouldn’t occur as the design should be right. In the real-world there are an infinite number of variables that with best endeavours can’t necessarily be accounted for at the design stage, therefore ‘problems’ occasionally arise that need to be explored to find a solution.   

Supporting a wide range of customers across a wealth of industries is SRTS have been involved in significant number of success stories. We engage the right people with our customers at the right time; this has been the key to unlocking solutions quickly, effectively, and most important, collaboratively. 

Using a collaborative culture, we provide open, honest, and transparent input into any given project and we deliver upon any promise made. Our specialisms include the monitoring and data acquisition of strain, movement, electrification, pressure systems and much more. We have the in-house capability to design and build bespoke hardware and systems that discreetly and safely integrate with customer asset and gather data that meet the requirements.   

In addition to in-service test and support, our systems can be deployed on both short- and long-term projects to gather data that offers condition monitoring of assets over any given period.   

Pantograph performance testing and certification 

When a new vehicle or a new type of pantograph is to be run on any electrified line (new or already in-service) the pantograph has to be proven to meet the required standards for in-service use. SRTS has been a key player is testing the performance of pantographs and proving certification for vehicle release into service.   

We have many years of experience in the field of pantograph performance measurement and can undertake pantograph type acceptance testing on both new and existing vehicles, in full accordance with the relevant British or international standards.  

Our measurement system fulfils the relevant transfer function measurement requirements and can be installed on live pantographs with simultaneous multiple pantograph data recording being possible along with synchronised roof mounted video inputs. In addition, we have the capability to undertake pantograph tuning and aerodynamic augment evaluation using a tethered pantograph force measurement system, thus allowing true overhead line equipment/pantograph contact force to be obtained. 

Project management

Offering a full suite of project management solutions to enable our clients to focus on the best return.  

Our team provide the skills and experience needed to deal with the challenges faced on complex projects. Bringing together consulting, delivery and operations to provide seamlessly managed projects.  

We work with you to prioritise your projects to ensure they fit your business needs whilst also focusing on improved programme performance to ensure better delivery, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.  

Our capabilities include:  

  • A full suite of project management solutions for small to large projects  

  • Project management of the homologation process 

  • Procurement of new rolling stock  

  • Programme management of the implementation of new trains 

  • Project strategy planning and programming.  

Vehicle-Track Interaction Strategic Model (VTISM)

VTISM is the industry-recognised tool for supporting vehicle/track whole system cost modelling and has been used to demonstrate the benefits of a number of enhancements to track and vehicles since its introduction in 2006.  

Since VTISM was first developed, SRTS have worked closely with RSSB, in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield - Institute for Railway Research, to help the railway industry adopt and embed the tool. For many years we have coordinated our activities to provide continued training and support for system users. 

The services we provide, in support of the rail industry user applications include: 

  • VTISM software decision-support tool development 

  • Track and wheelset deterioration research and development 

  • User helpdesk support and training 

  • Track and wheelset whole life costing studies relating to renewals, maintenance, and inspection, including the impact on safety and service performance. 

"Within our business we have a wealth of experience, across multiple industries, helping customers navigate their problems to get to a solution.  We provide technical consultancy across a wide range of services and we're happy to explore together how best we provide you with the support you need."

Joel Sainsbury
Director, Rail Technical Services

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