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Secondary colour palette

The Primary colour palette is complemented by a secondary colour palette. Colours from the secondary colour palette are the only colours permitted to be used as complementary to the Serco brand.


The accent colours can be used in tints of 20% intervals i.e. 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%

Colour selection guide

You can use colours from the Serco colour palettes to highlight attention-worthy parts of your design, like headlines, calls to action and graphic elements.

No more than one secondary colour should be used in a given spread, the exception would be when the secondary colours are used in charts, graphs and infographics

If type/copy is added on top of a solid colour ensure it meets accessibility standards

When using the colours in a digital application, such as online, always ensure the colour contrast between type colour and background passes the accessibility guideline minimum value of AA.

Rich Red colour
Deep red colour


These addtional colours have been chosen, not only as complementary to the primary colours and to each other, but also to provide clarity in contrast when using the Serco Grey as a background colour.