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Our corporate typefaces are Lora and Avenir Next LT Pro. 

For email signatures please use Avenir Next LT Pro Regular, 11pt. Please refer to the guidelines on the Brand Brand for instructions setting this as your default font.

Lora typeface

Lora typeface positively contrasts against Avenir Next by expressing both personality and warmth. Lora enables Serco to engage visually with a more communicative tone of voice due to its soft and rounded letterforms.

Lora is available for use as part of Serco brand in Semi Bold and Medium fonts.

It is only to be used for Heading 1 and Callouts e.g. testimonials.

Lora Medium is to be used in printed collateral as Heading 1 and Callouts e.g. testimonials.

Lora Semi Bold is for digital application use only to ensure accessibility compliance, and must not be set in any other weight.

Avenir Next typeface

We have five different weights of Avenir Next that offer greater scope for subject hierarchy and also allow for greater creativity across Serco collateral.

Do not use too many typography variations in any one design composition.