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Always use the correct artwork

The logo should always be reproduced from the master artworks and should never be altered, distorted, redrawn, recoloured or manipulated in any way.

Please ensure that the Serco logo is used correctly at all times. 

The examples shown below are some unacceptable uses of the Serco logo:

Never alter any of the logo elements

Never compress or expand the logo

Never add any effects to the logo

Never re-colour the logo*

There is an exception in place when Serco are celebrating 'Pride' events when the Serco approved Pride logo can be used. This is available on the Brand Bank.

Never recreate with an alternate typeface

Never use as a keyline

Never attach any additional names

Never place on a busy background

Never place on a similar coloured background

Never use as a regional lockup

Never use as a divisional lockup

Never place a strapline with the logo