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Primary colours

Colour, when used consistently, can become a powerful branding element. 

To build strong recognition of the brand, these primary colours must always be used when reproducing the identity.

To ensure accurate and consistent colour representation across all media, Pantone®, 4-colour process, Dulux and Web-screen values have been provided.

The primary colour palette for the Serco Brand identity is Serco Grey, with an accent colour of Serco Red. We've added three additional primary colours to be used across Serco collateral. These are Serco Dark Purple, Serco Mid Grey and Serco Rich Red. These colours distinguish our brand and create a strong brand recognition. 

The Serco Dark Purple and Mid Grey are primarily used as a gradient to convey movement and integration across Serco and its global impact. They have been developed to blend together seamlessly within the gradient spectrum. The Dark Purple and Mid Grey add a warm, approachable palette to the Serco brand.