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Corporate conventions

These are the corporate conventions that should be used in reports, collateral or on the website.


Company name

Company name is written as Serco Group plc (not Plc or PLC)

Shortened version should be written as Serco not SERCO

We have four divisions organised on a regional basis.

We then have Corporate costs (Group) which is a 5th reportable segment but not a division. Serco Business Services (SBS) is also not a division to the external world.

UK & Europe


AsPac - When using in the body of the text for the first time put Asia Pacific (AsPac)

Middle East

Group and division names (This will be looked at in more detail in 2023)

We use the full name Serco Group plc and the formal divisional titles in financial reports and accounts. Otherwise, we should simply use our brand name, Serco.

We should not create regional sub-brands, eg Serco Americas, but in body copy and headlines we can refer to our regional presence, eg Serco in North America.

In marketing communications, we should not use legal names, eg Serco Inc., unless referring to the legal entity specifically. Similarly we should avoid using our divisional titles, eg AsPac, unless referring to our reporting structure.

Serco markets

We should avoid creating sub-brands, eg Serco Healthcare. Rather, in headlines and body copy we should describe our expertise, eg ‘Bringing innovation to healthcare’.

Units Units (to describe parts of the business below divisional level)
Financial Times Stock Exchange listing FTSE 250

The elevator description wording and ordering (this is the only place where we use the term operating units rather than divisions)

Our strategy is to be a superb provider of public services, by being the best managed business in our sector. We will be a focused Business to Government (B2G) business, specialising across five pillars: Defence, Justice & Immigration, Transport, Health and Citizen Services internationally from our operating units in the UK & Europe, North America, the Middle East and AsPac.


Sectors – to be used in marketing collateral when describing the sectors

Names of our core sectors or markets in which we operate (referred to as pillars when referenced in regard to the elevator pitch or the strategy)


Justice & Immigration



Citizen Services

Geographic regions in which we operate

UK & Europe

North America


Middle East


eg Prison Management is one of our segments

How to describe our role in the value chain?

Business to Government (B2G)

How we describe companies offering services in our market sector (do not use outsourcer or private)

public service providers

Chief Executive

Chief Executive or

Group Chief Executive (under signatures)

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer or

Group Financial Officer (under signatures)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – first use CFO – ongoing use

Chief Executive of a division

Chief Executive Officer, UK & Europe

Chief Executive Officer, Middle East

Middle East Chief Executive, Serco (in editorial, media releases)

Divisional Chief Executives

Divisional Chief Executives

How to describe job titles

When indicating a colleague’s position/job title and of which service, it should always be written in this format:

[Name], [jobtitle], [servicename]


For example:

John Smith, Managing Director, UK Defence

In editorial add Serco at the end, John Smith, Managing Director, UK Defence, Serco

Do not write John Smith, MD, Serco Defence