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Using the magnifier as quote marks enforces the brand visual system at a subtle level.

The quote mark graphic is available as an asset to download. (need to create)


Avenir Next Bold set at 16pt size. Use sentence case for Quotations.


Pull quotes should primarily be set in Serco Red. When other colour variations are necessary, ensure that the headline retains clarity and accessibility.


When setting type, the leading should always be 3pts greater than the font size e.g. 16pt font size on 19pt leading.

Kerning and tracking

It is also recommended to set tracking at 0pt and kerning setting of optical. This aids in clarity of text making it easier on the eye.


Text should be left aligned.


Ensure words are not hyphenated.

Quote marks

The size is based on the Cap height of the pull quote text. The spacing the same as the ascender width (Y). The marks are then positioned aligned to the left of the quote and 2x Y above.