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Photographic style guidelines

Photography enables us to show our business in action, using a reportage style to capture our colleagues roles and complexity of services that Serco provides.


  1. Always ensure that Serco colleagues are wearing their correct uniform and following all Health and Safety guidelines appropriate to their role.
  2. Always ensure that any people that are easily identifiable in an image, have provided signed permission to allow their image to be used.
  3. Never take images of vulnerable or detained people that renders them easily identifiable.

Key considerations

  1. Images should be shot in a reportage, journalistic style with a dynamic depth of field, and focus on the subject matter. Look for creative angles and views to create visual interest.
  2. Images should be natural and not posed, with the subject actively working their role. Avoid subjects looking directly at the camera. The only exception is if a portrait is specifically required. 
  3. When the subject requires an object focus rather than a person, look for dynamic angles to add visual interest.
  4. Where possible have the Serco logo in shot, but do not force it to be if it affects the quality of the composition.

Please see below examples of correct and incorrect styles based on existing photography. 

Correct style

Natural engagement in role, use of depth of field, tells a story.

Incorrect style

Posed image, does not feel natural, not engaged in role.

Correct style

Natural engagement in role, interesting composition and use of light, tells a story.

Incorrect style

Posed image, does not feel natural, forced position.