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Serco Impact lockup positioning and use

The Serco Impact lockup and isolated Impact lockup can be used across all collateral, on and offline. Various positioning has been recommended for both


The Serco Impact lockup is recommended to be used as a sign off on the back page of a report / presentation. Preferred position is bottom right.


When used in an advertisement the lockup should be positioned bottom left in the Horizon footer, with the Serco Group URL on the right. See guidelines for Horizon footer device.

PowerPoint Presentation

For items such as PowerPoint, business cards and letterheads it is recommended to use the isolated Impact lockup.

For PowerPoint presentations it should be positioned on the front page in the bottom right of the Horizon footer, with the Serco logo top right.

When the Impact lockup is used in isolation the Serco master logo (without the lock up) must also feature as part of the same collateral. This will ensure there is always a correlation between Serco and Impacting a better future.


The Serco master logo is positioned top right with the isolated Impact lockup positioned bottom right.

Note: Only use letterhead templates available on the brand bank to ensure consistency of use. never recreate the letterhead