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Graphic device

The primary graphic device is the ellipse that is part of the Serco logo.

The ellipse within the logo is key to the new brand visual system.It is used as a transparent gradient for use as an overlay, creating dynamic and engaging graphics. It can contain images along with the gradient and is also used to create the 'horizon' used on adverts and the PowerPoint title template.

For it to work, though, we will need to follow a few simple rules.

The basic elements used to create the transparent gradient includes: the Impact gradient (Serco Dark Purple to Serco Mid Grey), the ellipse graphic device (Please use the graphic device available to download from the brand bank to ensure consistency in proportions) and a colour from the secondary colour palette. 

In the first instance this should be the Primary colour Serco Red. When differentiation is required, e.g. for sector differentiation, colours from the secondary palette can be used.


Using Adobe inDesign (for instructions for creating in Adobe Illustrator contact [email protected])

If using a dark background this should use the Impact gradient. The ellipse device is used to contain an image. Scale and position the ellipse and the image within as required to suit the design.

Copy and paste the ellipse in place, remove the image and fill with Indigo from the secondary colour palette. Apply a gradient feather filter to the ellipse. Adjust angle and colour point position to apply a subtle overlay effect. Never have a completely solid colour overlaying the image.

Copy the overlay ellipse, rotate to the angle required for best effect, re-position, and fill with Serco Red. When an image is contained in the device, aim to overlap the ellipses, to create layering of colour and interaction.

Apply a gradient feather to the ellipse, and adjust the opacity to create the overlay effect.

The gradient ellipse can also be used with great effect as a subtle graphic behind text. The colours varied according to requirements.