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Graphic device

The primary graphic device is the ellipse that is part of the Serco logo.

The ellipse within the logo can be used to add differentiation to the brand visual system.

For it to work, though, we will need to follow a few simple rules.

The ellipse can be used to contain text, stats, pull quotes or an image. It can be used as an overlay graphic to add differentiation or as an element to compliment the visual design. When seen in its whole form the ellipse doesn’t provide much useable area to contain anything, but works well when enlarged considerably and cropped.

Never show the whole ellipse. It is recommended to crop the ellipse, see examples shown, when using it as a graphic device.


Never take up more than 50% of the viewable area (preferably less than 50%), whether you are using a landscape or portrait format.

The following images show how the device could be used creatively across varying collateral. (will include some examples of new PPT, ESG, ARA, case study etc)