What you’ll be doing

On the Serco Graduate Programme, you’ll be exposed to a range of multi-sector operational roles and environments, giving you the foundations to become an exceptional manager.

If your application to the programme is successful, you’ll be assigned to one of four regional clusters, each comprising three different Serco operational sites.

Over the course of two years, you and two other graduates will complete three 8-month placements at each of the sites in your regional cluster, one after another – each of you working at a different site each time.

Please see below for our placement sites.

Development through experience

Your development will not be left to chance.  Each placement will be carefully designed to help you develop strong management capabilities through critical experience, focusing on the following areas, drawn from our Contract Management Handbook:

  • Servicing our customers.  For example: supporting our account managers in order to understand our customers and the markets we operate in.

  • Excellence in service.  For example: being part of the contract delivery team.

  • Supporting our people.  For example: supporting your contract manager in managing the workforce.

  • Supporting growth.  For example: being involved in conversations about future opportunities.

  • Effective business management.  For example: being involved in a business risk mitigation exercise.

What is expected of you at each stage of your development journey will build as you progress through your placements.  Meanwhile, although your education in operational management will be first and foremost through your on-the-job learning, you will also complete a comprehensive 3-tier curriculum of capability- and career-enhancing supplementary training and development courses, aligned to the key pillars of our business strategy:

  • Winning good business

  • Executing brilliantly

  • A place people are proud to work

  • Profitable and sustainable

Serco Graduate Programme – South East England

  • Marine Services (Portsmouth, Hampshire) where we provide a complete range of maritime support services to the Royal Navy.

  • Skynet 5 (Bordon, Hampshire) where we provide operational support for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Skynet 5 satellite constellation.

  • Southampton Hospital (Southampton, Hampshire) where we work with the NHS to help create a better hospital environment for patients, their families and staff through the provision of cleaning and catering services.

Serco Graduate Programme – London

  • Barts Health NHS Trust, where we provide a full range of non-clinical general management and support services, including cleaning, catering, portering, car parking, and reception and helpdesk.

  • London Cycle Hire Scheme, which we designed, launched and have operated on behalf of Transport for London since its inception in 2010.

  • ExperienceLab, a customer experience and service design agency dedicated to designing and delivering services that improve experiences, efficiency and outcomes.

Serco Graduate Programme – North West England

  • Asylum Accommodation and Support Services (Warrington, Cheshire) where we support the welfare of asylum seekers for the UK Home Office.

  • Serco Citizen Services contact centre (Knowsley, Merseyside) where we support consumer enquiries for multiple public services including UCAS, Job Centre and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  • Merseyrail (Liverpool) a commuter rail network and train operating company serving Liverpool and the surrounding region, which we operate in a joint venture with Abellio, a European public transport services company.

Serco Graduate Programme – Scotland

  • Forth Valley Royal Hospital (Larbert, Falkirk) where we deliver award-winning facilities management services, including portering, catering, cleaning and maintenance.

  • Marine Services (Greenock, Inverclyde) where we provide a complete range of maritime support services to the Royal Navy.

  • Caledonian Sleeper (Glasgow) which we manage and operate, providing overnight sleeper train services between London and Scotland.