What you’ll be doing

Our graduates are integral to our vision of being the best managed business in the sector. Using your natural intellect, commercial mind-set and passionate interest in the world’s people, politics and services, you will be continually striving to improve the way we manage our business, support citizens and deliver innovation in our services.

To do this we will be asking you to build your understanding of our business, our values, our contracts, and our people as you undertake a 24 month rotational programme. You’ll choose between an ‘Operational’ or ‘Functional’ role:


Working within Operations means being involved in the frontline of our business. Over the course of two years you’ll complete two to three placements at sites in a regional cluster, one after another. This could mean working in a hospital, prison, at a citizen services contact centre, a marine site, or at a contract like the Caledonian Sleeper. Either way, you’ll develop an understanding of what it takes to deliver public services, work with our customers and to manage and lead teams. 


As a global company of 50,000+ employees we rely on the support of our Corporate Functions to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently. This Graduate Programme will see you become part of the IT or HR teams - rotating around the key functions to help you understand the people, systems, skills and processes it takes to manage them. Armed with that knowledge you’ll be in an excellent place to help towards our journey of continuous improvement and to apply your ideas and problem-solving abilities. 

Serco staff in discussion at a meeting

Development Through Experience

Your development will not be left to chance. Each placement will be carefully designed to help you develop strong management capabilities through critical experience, focusing on the following areas, which are drawn from our Contract Management Handbook:

•    Servicing our customers: supporting our account managers in order to understand our customers and the markets we operate in.
•    Excellence in service: being part of the contract delivery team or supporting the contract delivery team with interventions delivered within your function.
•    Supporting our people: supporting your contract manager in managing the workforce or by providing them with the tools to help them do it.
•    Supporting growth: being involved in conversations about bid opportunities or service growth in our existing contracts.
•    Effective business management: being involved in a business risk mitigation, change management or continuous improvement.

Serco staff at their desks working

Supplementary Training

What is expected of you at each stage of your development journey will build as you progress through your placements. Meanwhile, although your education in operational or functional management will be first and foremost through your on-the-job learning, you will also complete a comprehensive 3-tier curriculum of capability- and career-enhancing supplementary training and development courses, aligned to the key pillars of our business strategy:

•    Winning good business
•    Executing brilliantly
•    A place people are proud to work
•    Profitable and sustainable